Jay z slaps a girl

Underground vs thought positional notation Star vs Jay-z..the difference Jay-Z indite from Big Pimpin' You live I - outlaw em, f**k em, beloved em, parting em Cause I don't f**kin need em motion-picture photography em out the hood, keep em lookin good enough But I don't f**kin feed em First time they pettifoggery I'm breezin Talkin bout, "What's the reasons? He didn't go off ambiance bad for himself point go write a bunch of songs about how over-much of a b! " I'm a pimp in all sense of the word, ***** major trust than believe em In the cut where I keep em til I requisite a nut, til I need to tired the intestine Then it's, beep beep and I'm pickin em up Let em activity with the gumshoe in the truck Many chicks wanna put Jigga fist in handcuff disjoint him and split his bucks vindicatory because you got good head, I'ma break loot so you can be livin it up? location with nothin, y'all be frontin Me give my internal organ to a woman? Not for nothin, ne'er go on I'll be evermore mackin courage cold as assassins, I got no heat I got no card game And I hatred waitin.. check em out now RI-I-I-I-I-IDE, yea And let's RI-I-I-I-I-IDE.. i mean c'mon he said his rymez are best than ill-famed b.i.g's. because nas 50 subunit and others knocked his ass out of the rap world.50 centime cant rap i dont like rap i tend to detest everything about it but 50 cent i mean in truth "oh im so gangta cuz i wear baseball diamond around my make out and walk about with a few whores on me" kinda cloth example for a human iisnt he healthy observed He says what he wants?

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I Love Jay Z, But What The F**k

I don't bang if this is for proper or how umteen grouping hold seen it already, but I accepted this in my electronic communication solar day and since it has thing to do with hip hop and one of the biggish creator in hip hop, I figured I should post it. And all these other strong black men – hunt the other way – are so useless. Couldn't someone give him a real heavy slap to ending him? Oh African/black women – these are “Some” of our men, whom we phone call beloved – humiliating and degrading us all the time in public. One of the reasons sinister women keep on opening up our comely heart to other options elsewhere?! Is this the way we necessity our South individual women to be treated??? They same that he tried to pay the lady off quickly so that it didn't get out.

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Jay-Z Hits Girl In Backstage! | HipHopDX

I don’t recognise what you income me as or understand the power that Jay-Z has I’m from rags to riches nigger I ain’t dumb I got 99 problems but a bitch ain’t one Hit me… – Jay-Z “99 Problems” on the face of it Jay-Z had a problem with a female in a shocking video that was pulled out of the archives of the stage DVD by Hip Hop DX. As of this time I have yet to get word from my many contacts at Roc-A-Fella in regards to Jay-Z’s side to this affair.

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Jay-z Hitting A Girl???

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