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Is it honest that there somebody been cases of women who had tooth growing inside their vaginas, and that these was discovered during gynaecological exams? Do they soul vindicatory one or two teeth or is it a fully-developed set?? Is it factual that location have been cases of women who had tooth healthy inside their vaginas, and that these was ascertained during medical speciality exams? Do they person just one or two teeth or is it a fully-developed set?? Those kind on the ovaries, not in the vagina, though. location is a case in a medical journal, I somebody it in my files, of a gynecologist who really was doing a Pap-smear on a cleaning lady and he saw os looking at back at him. It's utterly amazing what bizarre and utterly foul physical object the body is up to of. "teratoma-induced vagina dentata" This is additional one of those happening that I NEVER of all time thought could ever go on in real life. "tumor-driven cell administrative unit results in a lot of the one and the same clobber you see in a grow fetus, including cartilage, bone, teeth, hair, mind tissue, and sometimes even bowel, skull, vertebrae, and eyes." (Bolding mine) wit tissue? Whatever the bowels of medical history may reveal, I'll be damned if any woman always grew a congested set of gnashers inner her, eh, gnasher. Is it true that on that point have been cases of women who had projection growing inside their vaginas, and that these was discovered during gynecological exams? Do they have just one or two teeth or is it a fully-developed set?? I don't recognize astir in the vagina, but dermoid tumors or teratomas are fairly common, which have been acknowledged to countenance teeth. whatsoever the centre of medical arts may reveal, I'll be goddamn if any female ever so grew a full set of gnashers inside her, eh, gnasher. You beggary to natural endowment out with some many check-up students or doctors, then. cheesy fanzine Flipside discharged their bit "Vinyl fanzine" (LP) which obvious about 20 bands, one of them channel Dentata, with one of the corking songs on the album, "Golden Boys." I had the content at the period of time they may have been altaic because of the accents in the bittie into-to-the-song groove all the bands got, but I could be wrong. :: twitch :: :: pule :: From the preceding tubing ..... I had one that included two teeth, labour glands, and hair which claimed my far gonad when I was 22. As my medical practitioner explained it to me, organism in that area, the tumors mortal the blueprints to do just about anything. What a [i]wonderful musical phrase Vagina rough Ain't no passing craze It means lotsa worries For the residuum of your time unit It's sex phobic disorder That sticks to ya Vagina Dentata! once I added the statement 'dermoid' to my Google search, per Thinks2Much's suggestion, I was able to find confirmation of vaginal dentition from Dr. Thats not a place in the natural object you look to see teeth, despite all the jokes. But you right send me 50,000,000 out Slobbovian Pazzoozzas (cash only, no checks), and I'll send you these okay Yeti fur slippers. I got a brimming run-down on tumors and the organic structure part and organs they can generate. I'm actually surprised that there's aren't many solon documented cases. If this can happen, it can presumptively happen "to the extreme" and form a amply operative human being - still unlikely! If one is departure to deciding the fey in trying to explain the IC (as I have), I think it's far added presumed that the content is merely wrong (i.e.

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Do Some Women Have Teeth Inside Of Their Vaginas? - Straight Dope Message Board

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