Home depot and the gay agenda

The American Family Association (AFA), one of the nation’s most possessed anti-gay crusaders, launched a protest of The Home Depot a week ago day because the home status and construction retailer “promotes the homosexual agenda.” Rather than “remain amoral in the culture war,” AFA wrote, “The Home Depot has elect to sponsor and take part in many gay pride parades and festivals.” That lone wouldn’t be an earth-shaking accusation; abundance of major corporations, including domicile Depot, patronise gay pride events. But AFA’s announcement strongly implies – with artful wording and misleading “evidence” – that the home-improvement distributer is helping gay unisexual predators stalk children. A accolade denote on AFA’s website and signed by its president, Tim Wildmon, declares that a photograph “taken during new homosexual events sponsored by The Home storage show[s] children beingness bucked up to visit gay sex websites.” In the photo, children presumably attending the southerly me pridefulness Festival and parade in June, are seen belongings citrus residence Depot cups with small red-and-white flags stuck in them.

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Did the boycott against Home Depot’s gay activism work?

In response, a number of multitude anti to the signifier gay agendum chose to dissent location Depot. I righteous received this auspicious email from the American Family Association, one of the sponsors of the boycott: …I’m glad to account to you that we are suspending the dissent of Home Depot. I’m not opposed to boycotting as a matter of principle, subtraction your hard-earned dollars from businesses who take positions you find objectionable as a indicant of intractability – “You won’t get my money, not so long as you support x, y, or z! After observance the company for several months, AFA is satisfied the company has withdrawn its prima financial contributions to gay activist groups and events. ” That said, I’m not certain that boycotts equivalent this, even the big organized ones, really have much economic upshot on the target of the boycott. As noted by the AFA, internal Depot will almost certainly hold on that they were influenced by the boycott. Maybe they’ll claim they were the victim of gay reckoning therapy.

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Should We Boycott Home Depot? – Queercents

Gay men and lesbians hold a reputation of being commissioned military officer place transformation shoppers. You may not be surprised that some LGBT exhaust More on Home Improvements. So that is why we want to make sure we drop our gay money somewhere we feel better about them conveyance back to the community or at littlest supporting us by hiring LGBT.

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Religious Right Group Slurs Home Depot in Anti-Gay Attack | Southern Poverty Law Center

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