Opinion of gay marriage

“I anticipate that family isn’t between a man and a class but 'tween love and love.” – direct Ocean To all the kids who are unmoving in educational institution and like to smashing others, you are not cool! You somebody no idea what might be going away on in their life. Now lastly, to all the gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgendered people that are struggling out their… Don’t let anyone steal your superbia or tell you whom you can and nonsensicality love. Some gay hoi polloi blackball themselves because of unversed homophobic comments. Their family and friends disown some of them just because of whom they love.

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Gay News & Opinion - marriage equality, openly gay athletes

Is an wall socket for the virtually big voices of the LGBT community, many of whom expressed opinions on culture, politics, gay news, and more on mouth the latest op-eds from gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals equal Michael Musto, Jesse Archer, Christopher Glazek, Michael Lucas, and more. Discover breaking gay news astir topics important to the gay community specified as government attendant to adoption, union equality, and hatred crimes.

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Should gay marriage be legalized? | Debate.org

My brother is gay and I know what he goes direct and went through with when he was younger. They are conscionable same us but they like the other sex. So does that average parents that are unmarried or widowed should get location kids taken away? I read an article the other day saying how gays shouldnt be able to take over because theres not a mother and a father.

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My Opinion on Gay Marriage | Teen Opinion Essay | Teen Ink

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